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Safety and Education


MSF Motorcycle Rider Courses in Maine

Motorcycle Rider Education of Maine
Ellsworth, Orono and Old Orchard Beach ME

Auburn Lewiston Scarborough Motorcycle Riding Education (ALMRE)
Lewiston/Auburn ME

Roy's Driving Academy
Classroom Course only
Brunswick, Lewiston, Freeport, Lisbon ME

M.O.S.T. Inc.
Chelsea ME and Concord and Merrimack NH

A & J Motorcycle Safety School
Bucksport ME

Aroostook County Motorcycle Rider Education
Woodland, Baileyville and Houlton ME

Motorcycle One Stop Riding School
Newport ME

Central Maine Motorcycle School
207-634-3641 or 207-474-4262
Norridgewock and Machias ME


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Leaf-covered roads are generally going to offer less traction than clean ones, we assume this. Wet leaves offer less traction than dry leaves, we assume this. So for one, your strategy toward leaves will be different when you know they're wet. When they're dry, they may actually be wet underneath, as well. Visual cues (such as leaves blowing around on the road) might help you evaluate whether or not they're dry.

So: see leaves, assume they're wet if you aren't 100% certain they're dry. Reduce lean angle if possible, minimize hard braking or acceleration when you're forced to ride through them. I don't think dry leaves will cause much in the way of traction problems, especially if they're not "piles" covering entire section of roadway.

Now, other concerns. In the spring and fall, anything in the "shade" (roadside tree shade, even the "shade" created by leaves themselves) is going to be colder and more likely wetter--or even icy, even when the rest of the road surface may be dry and warm (in the sunny spots, or spots that were in the sun at some time that day.) Use great care when approaching shadows of trees or clusters of leaves in the shade of a tree. In early mornings during fall and especially spring, ice is OFTEN prevalent in shady areas.

So: spring and fall, early morning, you should be actively paranoid when it comes to shady areas...leaves or not.


Safety Websites

                                     Safety Kit 

Here is a list of supplies that should be kept in your Safety Kit. All the items can be found locally in your drug store or Wal Mart. If any questions, email me at Always keep your Safety Kit in your Rt side Saddlebag, this keeps you on the side away from traffic; if no Saddlebags, attach it to the back of the bike. 
 Katie Languet, Safety and Education 

_____   1       Florescent Vest 
_____   3       12hr Glow Sticks 
_____   3       1 hour high intensity Glow Sticks 
_____   2       Small flash lights with extra batteries 
_____   1       Orange Cone for top of flashlight 
_____   1       Head Lamp 
_____   1       Pen 
_____   1       Post-it Pad
Trauma Care
_____   2       Cold Packs 
_____   1       Safety Glasses/Clear Riding Goggles 
_____   1       CPR Mask (Rescue Breathing barrier)
_____   2       Face Masks 
_____   1       Trauma Shears 
_____   1-2    Mylar Blankets 
_____   1       Hand Sanitizer 
_____   1       Eye Wash 
_____   1       Bottle Baby Aspirin 81mg-chewable 
_____   1       Package Alcohol Swabs 
_____   1       Glucose Gel -  *expiration date____________
_____   1       Glucose Drink - *expiration date____________
_____   2       Bandage Packets = each packet 
_____   3       Pairs of sterile gloves (neoprene) 
_____   1       Rolled gauze 
_____   5       4x4 gauze sponges 
_____            Miscellaneous band aides 
_____   1       First Aid tape 
_____   1-2   Sanitary pads 
_____   1-2   Anti-septic Gel (bacitracin ointment)